iStringer KES-850 Stringing Machine c/w Stand



• Electric constant tensioning with diamond coated parallel jaw puller head and “auto start” function. (Engaged by parallel plates).
• The clamp base features an "auto release" function. (Clamp base lever unlocks when clamps comes down).
• New "Quick Mount" 6 point mounting system (10 point supports).
• 360 degree dual action diamond coated swivel clamps.
• Digital String Length Meter to minimise string wastage.
• LED tension display kg & lbs with increments of 0.5 units.
• 9 Memories for Mains and Crosses tensions.
• Knot and pre-stretch function.
• Full 360 degree turntable rotation, with table lock.
• FLSD Manual Height adjustable floor stand.
• Full set of Stringers Tools included.
• Suitable for Tennis, Squash, Badminton.
• 24 month NZ warranty.